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Welcome to the City of Tyr!

Here is a primer for your character about the important people, places, and events that s/he might be aware of. If you aren’t sure how much of this your character knows, feel free to ask the GM. Nothing in these pages are top secret, however, any character has some chance of knowing what lies within the pages of this primer.

If you would like to start with an overview of the Free State of Tyr follow the link, otherwise, for more specific information, search below.

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The Powers-That-Be: Who’s Who Guide to Tyr

Names of Fear


The Deposers of Kalak

Agis of Asticles

Others of Import

Xalos the Stonecutter
Davith Vordon
Belana Wavir
Tehosian, Minister of Law
Mashastra, Minister of Defense
Shoshana Beryl
Murter Dyan

Others of Lesser Import

Luthar Herthgaard
Magne and Matilde

Power Structures: Organisations of Influence

Tyrian Templars
Crimson Legion
Veiled Alliance
The Freed
Merchant Houses

Rogues and Robbers: Gangs of the Tyrian Warrens

Iron Rats

Merchants and Inns: Places of Note in Tyr

Caravan District

Devyn’s Desertwear
Grik’s Weaponry
Golden Inix
Ezar’s Storehouse

Artisan District

Karlen’s Eye
Wayward Trader
Stone and Mortar
Sculptor’s Square
Door of Drakes

Smith’s District

Slave Pits
Rarvin’s Wagonworks
Tarnished Cup
The Brick Barrow

Merchant District

Caravan Way
Iron Square

Noble District

Rhey’s Apothecary
Narissa’s Colors and Scents
Jade Jozhal
Athas Revealed
Sweetwater Inn
Blacksun Villa

The Warrens

Elven Bridge
House on Sand Street
Elvent Market
Screaming Cellar

The Stadium of Tyr

Stadium of Tyr

The Ziggurat of Kalak

Kalak’s Ziggurat

The Golden City

Grand Gate
High Bureaus
King’s Gardens
Templar District

The Golden Tower

The Golden Tower


The Sorrows
Elven River
Belly of the Noble
Tembo’s Teeth
The Crawl
Road of Crypts
Night Dragon Way

Dangerous Locales: Places of Interest in the Tyr Region

The Tablelands
Ringing Mountains
Empty Planes
Dragon Crown Mountains
Forest Ridge
Ivory Triangle
Estuary of the Forked Tongue
Road of Kings
Sea of Silt
Southern Wastes
Western Hinterlands

Places of Tyranny: The Other City-States

Urik, City of Lions
Gulg, The Forest City
Raam, City of Unrest
Draj, City of the Moons
Balic, City of Sails
Nibenay, City of Spires

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