Crimson Legion

In the 2nd Free Year, Hamanu of Urik laid siege to the Iron Mines of Tyr in an attempt to expand his control in the region by taking advantage of the fall of the powerful Sorcerer-King Kalak. Without Kalak’s might behind them, the people of Tyr organised an attempt to repel the forces of Urik’s Sorcerer-King.

Lead by one of Kalak’s deposers, a Mul named Rikkus, a militia of volunteer adventurers, ex-slaves, gladiators, and other common people of good stock was formed. Known as the Crimson Legion, this force set out to the mines to engage Hamanu’s forces with unabashed resolve to defend the Free City, or die in the attempt.

An unlikely force of power, the militia managed to use their knowledge of the mines and the Ringing Mountains to lay a noteworthy onslaught to Urik’s soldiers, repelling them into retreat after 2 days of battle. Though the Crimson Legion took heavy casualties, their name became synonymous with hope, as their act of defiance spread through the lands of Athas.

The Legion remains a force to be reckoned with for any who seek to subjugate the freedom of the people of Tyr, continuing to grow in number and skill.

Crimson Legion

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