Dark Sun: Adventures in Tyr

Silt Runner Whack-a-Lizard Part II
Be Vewwy Vewwy Quiet...

After trekking back to the cave entrance that our heroes had tracked the silt runner scouts, they secured their traveling gear and mount, and ventured into the dark tunnels beneath the Ringing Mountains. With the aid of a “Light” cantrip and stealth, they were able to sneak through the natural caverns and runner-made tunnels undetected and avoiding the primitive traps of the lizard-kin. After getting the jump on one of the silt runner raiding groups camping in one of their warrens, they continued sneaking and searching their way through the tunnels.

Upon reaching the next cavern they found a recently abandoned warren, as the shrieks and clamoring of the first engagement must have tipped the runners off to the presence of intruders. After a little time sniffing out the area, some haphazardly hidden tracks came to light, and the group of heroes ventured on with caution. Upon more exploration, another “Light” cantrip, and a short rest (not necessarily in that order), the sounds of Draconic chatter filled the cavernous opening before them.

The group managed to get the drop on the runners yet again, only to find that this group had a tactician with them, inciting them to fight with ferocity not seen before. Oddly, the runners refused to flee when the engagement got difficult for them, as they were known to do. After several of the heroes took serious wounds requiring a healing potion or two to renew their resolve, the rest of the spastic runners were eventually put down.

After careful consideration, the group decided to rest a moment and proceed with even more caution, as something or someone seemed to be making the silt runners behave abnormally…

Silt Runner Whack-a-Lizard Part I
A Mission of Mercenary Mayhem

After some time spent recovering from several weeks of training in the city-state of Tyr, our heroes were summoned to the Golden Inix by their quartermaster Neeva. The female Mul with her typical angsty disposition, after griping under her breath about her most recent ex-lover-spat with Rikus divulged to the party assembled that training was over and it was time they proved their worth to the Crimson Legion.

The task laid before them was to put an end to a group of silt runner raiders plaguing small merchant caravans in the area just North of the city near the Iron Mines. She explained that while that area is generally fairly protected due to traffic to and from the mines, small caravans without the ability to afford much in the way of armed guards were easy prey for the runners. In order to protect the safety of these small-time merchants, the party would be sent North under the guise of a small merchant troupe. Upon being attacked, they would track the raiding party back to their warrens, clear them out, and then blow the tunnel line with an alchemical bomb.

The group accepted the task at hand, being promised good pay, and after being disguised and given a small wagon and inix transport, were sent half a day’s journey North, where the attacks had been reported. After being slowed a bit by a minor sand storm, the party discovered a mostly sand-covered wagon that bore the hallmarks of a silt runner attack. They set up camp and just after dusk were able to get the jump on a silt runner raiding party.

After finding the terrain a bit difficult to navigate after the storm, and pitted against the quick-moving runners who were more familiar with the area, the party eventually managed to defend their camp and track the runners back to their warrens, laying out markers to retrace in the morning. Upon awaking from an extended rest, the group were met by their contact from the Legion who escorted their merchant wagon and inix mount back to the city, as the adventurers set off toward the mountain warrens ready to complete the task at hand.


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