Ebon aka "Akrep"

Ebon (also known as Akrep) is a Mul nomad, an escaped slave from the City of Sails, he is a scavenger and cartographer.


Ebon was a slave salt miner in Balic, owned by a wealthy merchant of House Tomblador. During a cave-in at one of the mines, Ebon was able to flee into the community of Salt View, where he was trained by Xaynon how to survive in the harsh mountains and deserts of Athas. News reached Salt View of the disposition of Kalak in Tyr and the freeing of all slaves by Tithian. Ebon used his knowledge to lead a small group of other ex-slaves through the harsh Tablelands, skirting the Black Sands to the oasis of Silver Spring and eventually to the Free City.

Ebon, who had been given the name “Akrep” (a Mul tribal name meaning “Radiant Scorpion”) by the villagers of Salt View, quickly volunteered his services to the common militia of the Crimson Legion, taking a bit of an eye for Neeva (or at least the engagement ring she refused to return to her ex-lover Rikus).

Ebon is quick for a Mul, taking advantage of opportunistic attacks and stealth in battle, using the terrain of the desert world to his advantage. He is an expert trap-finder, tracker, scavenger, and cartographer. He also has an affinity for stabbing kidneys.

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Ebon aka "Akrep"

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