Dark Sun: Adventures in Tyr


Jailbreak Parts I and II

Part I
escaped the obsidian mansion
Ardent dressed as templar
snuck through checkpoint
utilized wall parapets, killed a few archer guards
entered temple through back door using key gained from Iago Jaffar
and it’s a traaaaap….

Part II
Priest of Hammanu ends the ritual
Sadira imprisoned in necrotic force cage
Runestone tiles seem to protect the Priest, his zombie minions, and are fueling Sadira’s cage
The battle rages on, Sadira’s life force sapped from within the cage and into the statue’s mouth
Largos is critically injured, Sadira cries for him (seems they have a secret love interest)
Another burst of energy is stolen from Sadira, leaving her pale as a ghost, eyes open in terror
Victory over the enemy, the remaining runestone tiles destroyed
Sadira freed, given healing potion to revive her; immediately calls for Largos and runs to him
The heroes climb the stairs to the top of the statue to find a charged necrotic crystal
Firtin shatters the crystal at the command of Sadira, using a thunder-blast spell
The necrotic energy swirls above and converts to pure radiant energy, dispersing back into Sadira, and out through the top of the temple spire, the temple begins to shake with an earthquake and stones lodge free from the ceiling and fall, our heroes left with only one remaining thought — RUN!

(I will flesh this out into a more standard post later)



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