Dark Sun: Adventures in Tyr


Dinner Party

Inivited to attend a gaila dinner at the Stel House hosted in absence of the Patriach by his colleague Maetan Lubar — a displaced noble who was seeking to restore the good graces of Urik’’s Sorcerer-King Hamanu by wining and dining his high priest Iago Jafar — the adventurers sent out Ebon and Largos to gather informaton on the fortress, its guards, and the personal bodyguards the priest and noble would both have at hand.

A plan was hatched, and while Koliya and his “attendants” went to mingle with nobility, Ebon and Largos would scale their way to the top of the observation tower once the heroes inside were able to convince them there. The plan was hatched, and after hours of business being avoided, Koliya took an opportunity to get the attention of the priest, who was looking to purchase his “slave” Arbu. The bored priest took the opportunity to begin taking his business dealings to another room, when Lubar interrupted and demanded the priest not do him dishonor by leaving, but rather join him in the observation tower. Koliya asserted that Lubar should in turn not dishonor all his guests by leaving them and demanded the rest be allowed the priveledge of such a view of the region as well. Lubar, being socially defeated, acquiessed, and opened the tower to all. Slowly each group of guests made their way up the long stairs to take in the view.

The bard Seras, who had left the group of adventurerers, her business done, made an appearance earlier in the evening to perform. She now stood just ahead of the priest’s business dealings: Koliya and Arbu, as well as a Minotaur champion from the Pits. She spoke in silence with a noble-looking man who had his head and face suspiciously covered all evening. Upon reaching the top, a commotion arose from inside the observation deck. Iago looked in and immediately asked those around him to go help. The stranger, it appeared, was out to murder Maetan Lubar! Seras, who seemed to be posturing a way to corner Lubar, noticed the group of adventurers enter. She quickly showed her true colors by alerting Lubar to more attackers, double crossing not only her partner, but also her allies. Lubar, Seras, and Lubar’s snipers and bodyguards set out attacking the adventurers, as well as their newly found friends by circumstance: the mysterious Tiefling stranger, and the minotaur gladiator. Midway through the battle, Seras attempted to slip off to the balcony, prepared to scale down to her escape, only to be met by Largos, who had ascended up with Ebon. Ebon joined the attack and let the two work out their differences. After dispatching the noble and his bodyguards, the high priest Iago made his presence known, throwing Firtin into the room from the doorway to join the others. He began to monologue about their imminent failure in opposing the might of the Lion God Hamanu, and how they would most assuredly die this evening. His speech was interrupted by a psychic dagger through the heart. As he slid down to his knees, dying, Largos stood over the priest and asserted that Iago talked too much.

Ultimately, it was learned that the traitor Seras had taken a long trip with an abrupt ending in the courtyard. With the key to the Temple Sanctuary in hand, and a pair of potential new allies, the group quickly hatched a plan to flee the Stel House, as the guards had been alerted to the trouble and were making their way to the tower.



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