Dark Sun: Adventures in Tyr


This is the pits!

Thania, leader of the Veiled Alliance cell in Urik, contacted Firtin discreetly in the city and arranged a meeting with him at the King’s Cup, their secret headquarters in Urik. She unraveled to him a plan that would be dangerous, potentially quite effective.

It was discovered that one of the Lion God‘s high priests, Iago Jaffar is quite privy to watching arena events. That day would be a special one, celebrating Urik’s moral victory over Tyr in capturing a high profile member of the Crimson Legion. Gladiators would fight in some of the bloodiest and highest profile matches of the year. This would surely draw the priest out, especially if one of the participants were making a name for him/herself by performing exceptionally well.

It was proposed that if one of the heroes were able to enter the competition and draw the high priest out to the event, the others along with Veiled Alliance members, could raise a diversion enough to steal his key to the Temple sanctuary, where the Alliance believes Sadira is being held. However, this plan is extremely dangerous, and could get everyone involved arrested…and likely dead.

Knowing that time was of the essence, and that the Legion was on their way to attack Urik, they met with the agents, Largos Rithkin, whom Firtin had overheard debating something with Thania upon meeting with her. Also there was his companion Seras. The plan was hatched that while the bard Seras ran the gambling tent in the Pit of Black Death, the others would scout for the arrival of the priest and gather information where they could among the crowds. Arbu was entered into the tournament under the guise of Koliya’s slave. The hope was for the Goliath to fare so well in the tournament that he would draw the attention of the Lion priest, who has been known to woo gladiators into his service as bodyguards.

After making a good show in the Pits, Largos made his part of the plan come to light as he squared off as a champion against Arbu. After making a good showing, Arbu was told to kill Largos, who mysteriously vanished. Arbu and Koliya were invited by a servant of the priest to attend dinner with him later that evening at Stel House.



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