Dark Sun: Adventures in Tyr


What's the Password?

Disguised and armed with forged paperwork with the signet of a fallen Templar from Urik, the heroes set out for the city of Urik. They were ready to infiltrate the city, meet with a recon team from Tyr, and extract the kidnapped Sadira. They were able to pass through the main gate of the city without much trouble. Once inside, they discreetly made their way to the Old Market, where they found a Mul peddling salt. After exchanging the proper passwords, the Mul’s assistant took them into the storage tents to meet with the recon team.

The meeting disclosed word of an informant, a former Templar, exiled form public life to live as a begger. He has word of a secret place where Hamanu tends to have prisoners taken for information extraction. The informant, they said, can be found in a small shack in the foreign quarter, in an area known as the Beggar’s Palace.

The meeting also uncovered another option, speaking with Silan the Serpent, key player in the underbelly of Urik. Also, the Veiled Alliance has contacted Firtin and seeks a secret meeting to give his group information pertinent to their mission.

The group is left with a tough decision, who to trust first, and by what means they wish to uncover the information necessary to find Sadira before the forces of Tyr and the Crimson Legion arrive for their suicide mission designed to lay diversionary seige to the city.



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