Dark Sun: Adventures in Tyr

The commotion raged through the Free City as word spread quickly far and wide of the covert act which had taken place just the night before our heroes returned from their excursion into the ruins of Ul-Athra. The vile Sorcerer King, Hamanu of Urik, the self-proclaimed Lion God and King of the World, had sent a raiding party, aided by a spy with power enough in the city’s leadership to assist in the act of kidnapping Sadira completely undetected.

Rikkus, enraged by this, had petitioned King Tithian to grant the Crimson Legion the right to lay siege to Urik and retrieve Sadira. The plan seemed foolish, however with the nudging of powerful political sway from the Legion and the Veiled Alliance, he could not back down, and formally proclaimed Urik’s kidnapping of Sadira as the final in a series of acts of war by Hamanu, making the proclamation with much fanfare and ritual behind it. He professed to the entire city of Tyr gathered before him en masse at the gladiatorial arena and spilling out into the streets, that while Hamanu may think himself a Lion God, Tyr’s divine providence came from the Sun itself! The entire Crimson Legion was blessed by the dwarven cleric Caelum, a high-ranking leader among Tyr’s relatively new religious faction known as the Sunpriests, and Neeva’s new fiancĂ©e.

After hours of gladiator battles and festivities, those assembled made their way slowly to the places they came from to re-open their shops or spend time with their families before going off to war. Rikkus met with the adventurers, who had been discovering as much information about what they had missed, while selling the loot they had acquired in the ancient ruins. They approached Rikkus about what to do with the strange, and almost-sentient relic they had acquired, but without Sadira’s special talents, it seemed best to simply lock it away in storage until her safe return. A plan was unveiled to the party gathered. The war itself would be a distraction, a simple skirmish meant to draw attention away from the real strike force who would infiltrate the City of Lions and extract Tyr’s beloved Sadira. Backed by a scouting force and Veiled Alliance agents embedded in Urik, the party was asked to put their lives on the line to act as the special unit, due to their recent successes and their own ties to the outcome. Now the adventurers set out on a dangerous mission, one with no clear set rules, nor any expectation of success. Can they save Sadira before it is too late, or will their fates be intertwined by the sword of Hamanu?



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