Dark Sun: Adventures in Tyr

Marauders of the Dune Sea

The House of Ul-Athra

The party, tired from days of the perilous exploration of the ruins of the Cult of Dust decided to take a night’s rest deep in the tomb, feeling that no other mercenaries from House Shom would dare to press on past the bodies of the Red Chord. Waking refreshed, the heroes pushed on into a long hall with another door, sealed by runes and trapped like the others. After hours searching the nearby area, the monk, Chitik discovered under some dust in the hall a small square of ancient primordial text. Firthik was able to decipher it, unveiling a riddle. The quick and resourceful ardent Kolya quickly solved it, and the adventurers broke the crystal shard key from the wall and opened the final depths of the ruins.

What laid before them was a deep pit, and at its center stood a raised platform bearing a glowing artifact from a lost age. Guarding the artifact, however, was a treacherous silk wyrm and a phasing squad of 10 wisp wraiths. After disposing of the protective monsters, the shard of the Crown of Dust was recovered, and the party made their way back to the entrance of the temple.

However, when they stepped outside they had discovered that the Dust Devil had vanished, and that a hunting party of Yarnath’s raiders had noticed the lack of said threat and had come to investigate. Kolya quickly used his wit and smooth tongue to turn the raiders against each other, while Ebon put to work on their Jhakar tracker, winning its affection as a pet during the chaos. After the raiders were dispatched, the horizon began to darken with dust, as the crawling citadel Slither began to make its way toward the ruins!

The party dodged and crawled through dunes and rock, hiding in the shadows, braving the raging heat, and running like they’d never run before, the sand sliding under their feet making them tire quickly. The fortress continued to move closer and closer to them, eventually trying to cut them off down a rocky passage. However, the heroes quickly evaded and ducked through an underpass. After hours of pursuit, they managed to find a safe hiding place, and eventually made their way back to the road to the Free City. All along the way the group discussed their plans of what to do with their loot, as Firthin pondered over the strange relic that seemed to have ideas of its own, thinking of what interest Sadira and the alliance might have for it. As they approached the gates to Tyr with the Crown shard and a sand-sled stacked high with their uncovered treasures, a large commotion clamored along the ramparts, as something important was surely happening…



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