Dark Sun: Adventures in Tyr

Marauders of the Dune Sea

Ruins of the Cult of Dust

Ready to unlock the mysteries behind the Dust devil and the Face in the Stone, the heroes delved deep into the ruins of the great temple of Ul-Athra to explore the remains of the Cult of Dust.

Uncovering rare forgotten treasures, facing dangers from intricate magical traps and the undead guardians that had taken up residence in the tomb after the cult’s demise, the adventurers soon discovered they were not the only band hired by House Shom to seek out the Face. Trapped between a rock and hard place, the heroes engaged the fierce mercenaries known as the Red Chord, ultimately putting an end to their somewhat famed, but unscrupulous, rivals from Tyr.

Pushing forward through the ruins, the adventurers slaughtered a docile family of myconids who had taken up home in a storage room, misunderstanding the nature of the peaceful fae-plants. What dangers might lay in store for them as they journey into the final dark recesses of the ruins?



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