Dark Sun: Adventures in Tyr

Marauders of the Dune Sea

Into the Maw of Death

Rescued the hostages.
Pushed through the dust devil.
Got zapped by lightning — Ouch!
Obelisk traps we hate!

—From the journal of Chitik, Thri-Kreen monk

After making short work of the raiders and only losing a handful of hostages to the Dust Devil, our heroes parted with the House of Shom survivors and used a great deal of teamwork to push their way through the storm.

Upon reaching the other side, they were confronted my the great gaping maw of a face carved into the mountainside, the entrance to the ruins of Ul-Athra At the front of the maw stood two tall stone obelisks, bounding with electricity, and a small band of Hejkin waiting to protect their home from the invading heroes. Charging in headstrong, the trap was set off, and after disposing of the Hejkins, the heroes found themselves near the brink of death in disabling the trap. After a brief rest, they passed down another corridor, waiting to examine the rune-inscribed entrance to the ruins for the next day.

Down the caves they found a running freshwater stream, something few if any of them had ever encountered before. At the bottom there seemed to be something magical emanating, however there was no way to see deep down. The heroes instead jumped across and were met by the remainder of the Hejkin tribe, whose chieftain quickly ran up and sounded a massive chittin gong, summoning forth a fledgling Chuul from the pool. After a valiant fight, the party cleared the area and found a safe place to encamp for the night in the now abandoned Heijkin warrens. Now with a key to the ruins and a small amount of loot uncovered in the caverns, the heroes make their way into the halls of Ul-Athra!



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