Dark Sun: Adventures in Tyr

Marauders of the Dune Sea

Are we there yet?

As the town guard finally reached the site of the ambush, our heroes met with a who’s who of Tyr, as apparently a Council meeting had been disrupted by the commotion. Murter Dyan argued with another noble, Shoshana Beryl over the importance of the matter of investigating the Ziggurat and insinuated that someone must be orchestrating these outbursts in town to coincide with such discussions. Luther Herthgaard the Minister of Intelligence along with Rikus disclosed the information they’d uncovered from the captured elven sniper, revealing Hamanu’s intent to learn the importance of the Face in the Stone. The party was given a new member, Koliya, a skilled natural Wilder and an Ardent of the Way. They were instructed by Neeva that their mission to find the Face in the Stone was now a Crimson Legion matter, and that they would be paid handsomely for whatever information it was that Hamanu was seeking. What was intriguing to Hamanu was worthwhile for Tyr to know first.

Our heroes traversed the harsh desert for days, enduring the elements, navigating difficult sand dunes and rocky escarpments, potentially dodging danger around every turn. They encountered a pair of crystalline spiders who attacked them mercilessly by blinding them with their shimmering carapaces, and biting them with venomous fangs, using the rocks and dunes to conceal their movement. After slaying them, and Firtin cleared out their crystalline webs with thunder magic, they moved onward.

After several more days, and a small setback from a failed attempt at climbing a tall escarpment barring their path, causing a small rock slide they had to dig their way out of, the group pressed forward nearer to the general location of the Face. After comparing landmarks, they set out to the location that marked the entrance to the ruins as described by the merchants of House Shom. Upon nearing the Face, they discovered the path was barred by a dust devil, an unnatural sandstorm at least 50 feet into the air, directly blocking the only entrance into the ruins. In the distance, along the edge of the storm, on 10-20 foot high rocky cliff of an escarpment of dunes and rock, a group of raiders, likely working for Yarnath, were throwing survivors from a captured Shom caravan into the dust devil…



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