Dark Sun: Adventures in Tyr

Marauders of the Dune Sea


As our heroes slept in the camp, Ebon awoke with a nightmare of a devouring sandstorm on the wings of an enormous dust devil, remembering only “the Face in the Stone”…

On the way back to Tyr, the group met up with a merchant caravan from the House of Shom. Upon reaching the gates of the city-state, they were given word that members of their house have been harassed by the raiders of Yarnath the Skull, and that mercenary rewards and favors from the house are in order for whoever finds the Face in the Stone which Yarnath and his raiders seek. They were also directed to speak with Karlen at his shop in Tyr, as he might well be interested in anything they might find within the ruins, should they choose to go there.

Rumors buzzed throughout the Free City of a spy from Urik, leaking secrets to Hamanu, the Lion God Sorcerer King. After reporting to Neeva of their successful job and receiving their payment, they were given a release from their duties with the Crimson Legion to pursue the Face in the Stone. Some supplies were purchased, loot was sold, and after meeting with Karlen, the party met up to set out for their mission.

As they moved through the Elven Market, they were taken by surprise, as a mercenary force lead by Urik’s Templar, Sarhan, . Waylaid on all sides by Thri-Kreen bounders, Elven snipers, and Dwarven conscripts, the powerful psion unleashed powerful attacks on the group. However, when the dust had settled, Sarhan and all his forces, save one elf who had escaped, lay bloodied in the dirt of the market, their dead faces telling the only tale of their purpose…



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