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Beneath a dying sun, from time immemorial, the desert world of Athas has been ruled by the seven tyrannical Sorcerer Kings; that is until the recent events in the city-state of Tyr. The people of Tyr have rebelled against their ruler, and rumors of the defeated King Kalak have spread far and wide, giving hope to those who are oppressed throughout Athas, and putting a small tinge of fear into the cold-hearted Sorcerer Kings and their Templars in the other city-states.

From far and wide the hopeful come to Tyr. Escaped slaves, gladiators, mercenaries, small-time merchants, and fortune seekers of all types flood into the streets of the Free City, spurred by hope. As the chief Templar to Kalak, and chief instrument of the Sorcerer King’s demise, Tithian has ascended the throne in the midst of controversy and political power-grabbing. As his first act as King, his emancipation of all Tyr’s slaves, has set a new tone for the region. News has reached the ears of King Hamanu of nearby Urik, however, and the foul Sorcerer King’s machinations are likely already in motion to restore the delicate balance of the region and extend his footholds into a powerful Empire — his spies are numerous and information on the city’s affairs quite valuable. Likewise, there is suspicion among members of the Veiled Alliance and Crimson Legion as to the motivations of Tithian, as he contemplates launching a second attempt to explore the great Ziggurat of Kalak.

As mysteries lie buried in the sand, and secret forces vie for power within the city, a small group of adventurers working for the Crimson Legion begin to uncover their true destiny — and with it, the history and fate of the desert world. Shall the people of Athas triumph, or are they destined to live in tyranny until the dark sun finally dies in a blaze of glory?

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Dark Sun: Adventures in Tyr